Sabina Tomkins

I am a PhD student at the University of California Santa Cruz, studying Technology and Information Management. I research data science and machine learning applications to social problems. Currently I am working in the education and sustainability domains.
I'm on the job market, looking for a postdoc position. If you know of positions at the intersection of social good and machine learning, data science, or artificial intelligence, please contact me at first dot last name at gmail! Here's my CV.


Detecting Cyber-bullying from Sparse Data and Inconsistent Labels LLD at NIPS 2017
Disambiguating Energy Disaggregation IJCAI
Discovering Domain Specific Dialog Acts: An Unsupervised Method ACL Workshop
Predicting Student Success: A High School MOOC Case Study EDM 2016
Probabilistic Disaggregation Framework KDD Workshop
Poster Abstract: Contextual Air Conditioning Disaggregation with Probabilistic Soft Logic BuildSys 2015


Lung Health and Carbon Dioxide Emissions in CA

Energy Consumption Supply and Conservation Actions


Quantifying Creativity: Art Through the Eyes of Computation. An event I moderated.

Demo Video for AmmiTips, a SMS application I developed which sends health tips to new and expecting mothers.

Data Science for Social Good Fellowship